Established in 2000, Applied Electromagnetic Technology, LLC (AET), is a hardware developer and provider of unique electromagnetic test and measurement equipment products.

We advance technology for accurate electromagnetic measurements for the EMC, RF and antenna communities. Our Precision Spherical Dipole System (PSDS) product is a real-world industry standard - the most accurate electromagnetically-isolated and repeatable electric source available.

Our line of Comb Generator products create highly repeatable RF signals generated over a broad frequency band, with selectable Pulsed Output capability to test Quasi-Peak detectors, to serve as unique cost effective test instruments. All products are used to ensure the integrity of test equipment, cables and the RF environment (chamber or OATS) is maintained, either by using our radiated emissions sources or our direct conductive sources, to generate test profiles which can be compared with other previous profiles on a daily basis.

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Advanced Technology for Accurate Electromagnetic Measurements
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