The Direct RF System (DRFS) is a bench top unit that has been designed to provide real-world RF laboratory and field measurement teams a versatile broad-band comb generator source!

The DRFS is a unique product, a comb generator source that addresses many requirements in both the research and test community.  This RF signal is internally generated by a stable Comb Generator (CG) and amplified to create a highly repeatable RF source.  The fundamental frequency of the CG is factory set at 10 MHz, but can be adjusted by the operator to any of 4 fundamental frequency settings (10, 64, 100 and 133 MHz).  The SMA connector allows quick connection either directly to test receivers and spectrum analyzers or to any standard transmit antenna.

Equipment Verification
The DRFS is ideal as a RF source for daily high frequency measurement equipment checks, and is especially unique to provide laboratory assessment of equipment Quasi-Peak detector performance.  Applicable to OATS, GTEMs, semi-anechoic or shielded rooms, and any standard or complex RF test environment.

Advanced Technology for Accurate Electromagnetic Measurements
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