Application Notes & Papers

ETS-Lindgren Channel Partner USDS Product Datasheet (2011)

The Square Shielded Magnetic Loop (Doug Smith, 2010)

USDS Application Notes

Shielding for Electrically Small and Physically Small Enclosures, IEEE-EMC (NIST/IEEE 299WG, July 2010)

espresso engineering interviews AET's Bruce Archambeault at the July 2010 EMC IEEE Symposium

Product Review AET DRFS Harmonic Comb Generator (Ken Wyatt, December 2009)

Using a Two AA Cell USB Charger to Power a Comb-Generator (Doug Smith, September2009)

Low Cost Comb Generator (Ken Wyatt, August 2009)

Measurements in the Time Domain Using a Comb Generator (Doug Smith, August 2009)

Antenna Calibration

Shielding Effectiveness Testing

Bare Fiber Adapters

ANSI C63.5-2004 American National Standard for Calibration of Antennas Used for Radiated Emission Measurements in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Control & Calibration of Antennas (9 kHz to 40 GHz)

Reducing Measurement Uncertainty in EMC Test Laboratories

EMC Antenna Calibration Using the Standard Radiating Dipole Source

PSDS System Assembly Drawing

Compensating for Shielded Enclosure Effects on Radiated Emission Measurements Using Standard Spherical Dipole Source








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