Universal Spherical Dipole Source (USDS)

Highly stable comb generator completely contained in a 10 cm (4 inch) spherical dipole enclosure. Comb frequencies include 10 MHz, 64 MHz, 100 MHz, & 133 MHz with the highest operating comb frequency above 16 GHz! A unique feature allows the comb signal to be pulsed on/off to allow testing of quasi-peak detectors! The pulsed mode works for any comb frequency selected.


The frequency range, battery life and usability have all been improved.

The USDS is the most accurate and reliable E-field source for fast measurements available on the market!

Highlights include:

✔Frequency range extended to over 16 GHz
✔Li-Ion Battery extends continuous operations over 15 hours
✔Hemispheres no longer need to be removed for storage or charging
✔International/universal power source for charging batteries
RF Performance
RF Performance Comparison
•Improved RF Performance Compared to Previous Version
•New Design Provides More RF Energy at Higher Frequencies
•Four Selectable Clock Frequencies Still Available
•Vertical and Horizontal Polarizations Without Monopole GND
•USDS Still Number One Radiated E-field Source!!
•Quick Check of Radiated Emissions Laboratory
•Shielding Effectiveness Tests For Enclosures of All Sizes
USDS Battery
Li-ion Battery Extends Operations
•External Charging Plug for Easy and Fast Charging
•Low Maintenance Li-Ion Battery Module, No Jumpers
•Under Voltage Monitoring, Power Control and Audible Alarm
•International/Universal Power Source For Charging


Current AET USDS Brochure

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